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Easy Chair
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For this chair you will need : 7 sandstone stairs , 1 smooth sandstone, 1 Sandstone slab, 3 dirt, 2 rails and 1 minecrart.

Step 1 : place the slab 1 or More blocks away from any other blocks (slab has to be in a falt 3×3 area)
Step 2: Make a U shape around the slab with the stairs (Stairs have to be upside-down)
Step 3 On the flat part of The U shape, Put the smooth sandstone in between 2 right side up stairs. You now have the. Basic seat.
Now for the advanced part:
Step 4: make an upside down L with the dirt. The Sticking out part of the L has to be in the block open in front of the slab.
Step 5 PuT both of the rails on the top of the dirt L put a rail on the rails.
Step 6: Push the minecrart towards the slab. The minecart will get stuck. Leave it there.
Step 7: destroy the dirt structure but leave the minecart alone. The cart will fall on the slab.
Step 8: Nudge the minecrart fully on to the slab. (See picture for more details)

You now have a nice chair to actually sit in! Congrats!

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