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Secret Door TV
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Secret Door TV by Stormegetton

22 wool
24 nether reactors or nether brick
24 trapdoors
one door

18 glass panes and paintings are used to make this the gold blocks on the sides are optional you build it by placing a door in the middle and put glass panes around it as shown and place a 3 by 4 or nether reactors around it on both sides add thw wool Around the perimeter and place the gold blocks if you want then place paintings on the glass panes but not on the door make sure the paintings cover up the door and place paintings on the other panes and you are done now open your secret door from the other side and you can walk through the paintings from both sides good for making a hidden treasure room behind it have fun with it (and please post the seed spychicken paul on guidecraft for i think it is the best flat seed ive ever found and ive tried lots of seeds)

by Stormegetton


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