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Monster Trap
Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Outside Furniture | Comments Off on Monster Trap

Items needed:
16 glass blocks
16 cobblestones
1 wooden door
9 ladders
1 stone pickaxe (for digging)

Dig a 9 block (or more/less) deep hole, that is 4•4 (or more/less) wide. Put a layer of glass blocks (16) on the top of the hole. Then layer cobblestone (16) over the glass. Dig a single hole next to the trap all the way To the bottom with a door connecting the Inside of the trap to the single hole put the 9 Ladders up the side of the hole. Monsters will spawn in the hole and you can Remove the cobblestone in the daytime Leaving the glass, and the monsters will be Trapped in the hole or will die from the light.

Hope you enjoy.

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