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Simple Bathtub with Shower
Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in Bathroom Furniture | Comments Off on Simple Bathtub with Shower

Materials needed:
5 wooden fences
1 sign
12 stone slabs(or any other slabs)
8 quartz stairs(or any other stairs)

First, place the 8 stairs facing each other.(make sure the corner four curve) Then,surround the stairs with the stone slabs. Place four fences down in a column at one edge of the bathtub. Add one fence on the highest fence. Lastly,place a sign on the second fence and type out any knob design you want.
There!You have your own bathtub! Though you cannot fill it with water, you can still get inside and move around. Also, if you want a bigger tub you can use more stairs.


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