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Entrance Desk
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Entrance Desk

You Need:
24 stone brick stairs
6 wooden stairs
6 glow stone, torches, or any light source
6 stone
5 paintings
2 Trapdoors

This is going to be a big crafting. First off put 2 stone brick stairs down in a straight line. Then you need to go to your left and do “left, straight, left, straight, left, straight, left straight, left, straight, left. Then do the same to the right instead of left it’s right straight.

Now you will have to put the glow stone down. Remember the straight thing I was talking about. Now you have to go out one more and delete the floor one down. Now you put the light source you want and then put the wooden stairs down. This will now make it so the computer looks like it glows.

Now this time you have to put the computer down. Remember where the wooden chairs are? That’s where you place the stone across of it with a painting. Don’t worry if the middle of the desk has two computers connected. That’s what it’s suppose to look like.

Hope you read all of this and I hope you understand how to make a desk with glowing computers and chairs.

Made by: KKSite

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