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Sink and Toilet
Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Bathroom Furniture | Comments Off on Sink and Toilet

YOU WILL NEED: Four/six stairs. Two water buckets. Two fences/cobblestone walls. One trapdoor. Some half slabs. One block (same material as the stairs).

This furniture works great if you have slabs as your floor in your bathroom. Toilet: place a block in the corner. Put a stair on that block. Dig out the block that the stair is facing. Dig a block under that. Place a fence. Place water on the fence. Place a trapdoor on the stair above the water.

Optional: place a chest in the room full of paper. Sink: dig out four blocks if in a corner or six if against a wall. Place 3/5 stairs bent around one block. Put water in that empty block space. Put a fence/cobblestone wall above the water on the wall. You’re done!

By: PichuPikachuRaichu 8.

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