Grand Father Clock | Minecraft Furniture
Grand Father Clock
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Materials Required:
4 Wood Blocks
2 Item Frames
1 Gold Block
1 Clock
1 Iron Bar
2-3 Wooden Doors (One is optional)

First off, open up a square in the floor in front of a wall and place a wooden block. Now, on the two wall blocks above this spot, place two more wooden blocks – you will now have the base of the clock, and the backboard. On the bottom of the wall above this block place an item frame with a gold block in it. Now, place an iron bar above the item frame. From here, place a wooden block above the iron bar and place another item frame on the wooden block with a clock in the item frame. Go close to the iron bars and place wooden doors on either side. Now you are basically in a box with out a front door. Placing the front door is optional.

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