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Simple Tent and Animal Stalls
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Things Needed
Any Amount Of Wood Planks (Optional)
Any Amount Of Fences
Any Amount Of Wool (any color is fine) (Optional)
Any Amount Of Fence Gates
Any Amount Of Water Buckets (Optional)
How To Build!

First, Make A Stall Wall With The Fences!
Then, Destroy 1 Fence and Put a Fence Gate Where The Fence That You
Broke Was. Then Add A Mini-Pool That Is A 4×4 (4 Blocks). This Step IS Optional.
With The Wool Make Tent With Wool, Remeber Any Color Of Wool Is Fine!
After, Build Up 2 Blocks High And Build A Roof FRAME! Then, Delete The Blocks That You Put!
(Pro Tip)
Using White Wool Is Kind Of Plain. Feel FREE To Use Any Color Of Wool
You Like Best!

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