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Tree House
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You will need 46 or 66 wooden planks
5-10 ladders (depending on the tree)
2 glass blocks
1 bookshelf
1 stone cutter
1 crafting table
Some leaves
And a shear

Step 1 find 2 – 5 trees that still have all their wood.

Step 2 use your ladders and put them on the wood until you’re able to reach the top.

Step 3 find a flat 5×4 or 4×5 space you may have to place some more leave blocks on the side.

Step 4 put wooden planks across the outside so you have a 4×2 or a 2×4 space for decor.

Step 5 build upwards and put a simple flat roof on or you can go fancy like me which will require more blocks.

Step 6 put a bookshelf, furnace, stonecutter and a crafting table against the back wall and dig out 2 wooden planks directly opposite each other and replace them with glass blocks.

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